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Revelation Online CBT2 Client Is Available For Download

My.com announced the Korean MMORPG, Revelation Online, has now entered into its second closed beta testing phase. The first closed beta occurred throughout October 2 months ago, though the second closed beta is ongoing at this time.

Over for the official Revelation Online forums, they announced those who have already got a closed beta key through the first test will automatically be granted having access to the second closed beta. If you didn’t have access to the primary closed beta, you would have to obtain a founder’s pack so as to gain eligibility for the 2nd closed beta.

There are three main founder’s packs. The first is a pack for $17.99 that grants you usage of all the closed beta tests and early access to the game if this goes into open beta, and there’s and a month of premium status. The second pack can be obtained for $59.99 and features the many stuff on the first pack though with some extra items and 60 days of premium status. The $89.99 deluxe pack features 90 days of premium status and unlocks a special cat… because apparently lots of people who spend inordinate time periods online love cats.

If this all seems like an extensive step above your level of care, maybe you’ll be a little more interested when you discover it the game doing his thing. They released a CBT2 trailer for Revelation Online that you could check out below.

If mafia wars wasn’t advertised just as one MMO I would have assumed it was a Japanese action-RPG. The bosses in the action look tight, along with the mix of aerial combat, gun-play and traditional sword-and-board skills makes the experience come across as a real mix between S4 League and Aion Online. That’s a sexy combination in addition.

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“Revelation Online” new professional PTR test service December 1 maintenance notice

In order to protect the player’s gaming experience, as the PTR test update content, the new professional PTR test service in the December 1 need to improve maintenance, is expected to be opened on December 2, the specific opening service time, please follow-up announcement!

1. General adjustment content:

Transferred businessmen to add the sale of [industrial brake props] can be used to return to the role of choice interface, directly to create a rating of 69 of the industry brake. (Need to have the role of the column in the case of use)

Players in the update on-line in the Ke Xu Department to receive [Gold Festival], the ceremony can be used to refresh the gold PTR new features – the activities of the store and the purchase of items.

2. Skills adjustment content:

Industry brakes skills-related adjustments:

① adjust the industry brake part of the basic skills of injury.

② replace the toxic body, poison blade, latent image, instant shadow, blood thorns skills icon.

③ repair instant shadow does not share the effect of latent shadow practice problems.

(4) the problem of repairing the high-level shadow film industry is invalid.

⑤ add hit poison dip volume II industry: an additional consumption of 1/2 blood poison, so that the duration of poison blade increased 10/20 seconds.

New unparalleled skills:

① Church of the [thunder Zhenjun]: thunder shake the world, I am Wanjun force, destroy all evil!

Under control can still cast, increase their own and around the teammates a large number of the value of life and restore the corresponding value of life.

② Yuxu of the [] [Star Stream illusion]: Star River rhyme, fate from the heart. Contains contained only, empty Bi lengthy.

So that their own and around the same time to increase the number of his teammates around the two-value.

③ light edge of the cut off】 【cut off the moon: cut off the meaning of meaning, the heart of the blade edge.

Continuing to cause a lot of damage around their enemies, casting their own body during the hegemonic state, and immune to all range of attacks.

④ Linglong of the [souls of all things] Health: Heaven and earth and I coexist, all things with me as one, allowed my wish, go back to one!

Attached to the target body, so that the target continued to restore the value of life. Possessed after their own skills can also be cast on the surrounding teammates for treatment. Possessed during their own can save a lot of harm

⑤ inflammation of the day [chasing life chain spy industry fire]: in fear of waiting for it, that the bullet will hit the dead come!

Continue to guide the front launch of three missiles, the enemy of the straight line range of damage and fire effects industry, casting their own state during the hegemony body.

⑥ streamer of [million souls still]: the dark soul of the world, into the eternal dream of death it ~

Skills are divided into two effects, a result of unparalleled results on the target seal, 10 seconds can not use unparalleled skills. After the second hit will cause a lot of damage and unparalleled goal to lift the seal.

⑦ industry of the brake [kill] God meteorite: meteorite such as meteor, sun and faint.

Summon magic, fired on the designated area of ​​magic blade, on the scope of the enemy caused a lot of RO Gythil damage

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NBA 2K17 Tips: How To Play Paint Protector

To help our gamers play as Paint Protector easy, we conclude some tips for Paint Protector. Hope it works.

Paint Protectors’ guide is to protect the rim against your center, and to protect the rim on people driving to the lane. Its role is to make sure that no one scores in that paint but if you guard a stretch big it will be hard guarding the paint but that’s what you have to do basically. If there is an archetype that can stop the Slasher, the Paint Protector is this archetype. Also on screens your defensive capabilities allow you to do a passable job guarding guards momentarily. Extremely inferior offensively to other centers, even with defensive stopper you can still be posterized by a glass cleaner for example.


1. Play MyPark Solo

If you play mostly MyPark solo I would recommend a smaller player. Most of the bigs are stretch bigs and most of the time you will be up against some combination of PG/SG/SF. I find mobility to be at a premium, to cover smaller players and to give you the range to cover the paint and a stretch big.

Or you can max agility and defense first, as those are related to your primary job. After that grab rebounding and strength. For offense go either with post scoring or dunks, but you will likely spend most of your time on offense setting screens. Think DeAndre Jordan or Ben Wallace, your job offensively is to help the other players from off the ball or find ways to get open near the rim.

2. Play With A Team

We recommend getting a team to play with because if you play with randys man to man and you get a stretch, there’s a good chance paint is gonna be open the entire game so find a team of 3 and just play zone. If you have a group to play with, just play zone and stay near the rim to stop drives and get rebounds, and do whatever fits best into your group’s offensive scheme.

3. Play Pro-Am

If you are playing Pro-Am, we would give you some suggestions and notices. In Pro-Am, remember that just because you have 94 block, it doesn’t mean you should jump on all shots at the rim. 9/10 times just standing there will cause a miss, learn the animations and angles to the point where you know which archetypes + what combination of animations you have to jump and swat/contest, and all of the other ones where you get immediately ready for the board by inputting nothing.

Hope this article would help you. If you have other suggestions, share with us.

Albion Online: MMO Sandbox Albion Online

For on the development of its future MMO sandbox Albion Online, The Berlin studio Sandbox Interactive start to communication. It’s targated at the development since its last phase of alpha test of summer one will notice a work on the graphics, several modifications in terms of gameplay and the interface of the game. Are you eager to buy albion silver?


Developers have taken the time to fine-tune the world map by adding new icons to improve the legibility of events and zone information. Already revealed to the community, a screen of character selection will also appear in game during its next test phases. It will allow to alternate between several characters on the unique server of game. If you missed cheapest albion online silver, you would be disappointment.

Several effects of spells have also been reworked in order to bring more dynamism in their rendering on the screen. Note also a work on the models of superior armor. Already evoked in this news published at the Gamescom 2015, the different categories of armor will allow players equipped with tier 4 or higher to carry a larger panel of equipment in various subcategories: light, medium and heavy. These modifications have required additional work on modeling that the team of artists presents here.

On the gameplay side, the work always focuses on balancing different capabilities. Since Albion is a pre-defined classless game, it is important that each skill is scrutinized to avoid any build-up phenomenon used by all players. The studio is also completing its integration of a skillshot system to dynamize the clashes by including a manual aiming factor. Duels and war camps will also be added to the PvP component as a smaller committee during the next test phases.

Speaking of A land auction system, it will replace the purchase of building sites in cities. Take note that workers can be hired as non-player characters, in the end of 2015, they will help you collect resources on your private island, according to related anticipated, the next phase of closed beta scheduled for the end of 2015, due to its total sandbox orientation, Albion Online intends to offer players an ideal ground for exchanges, commerce, craftsmanship And PvP on a large scale. Albion Online is extremely fun, it’s no wonder that albion online gold for sale.

Albion Online: Upcoming Changes Gameplay

A few weeks ago, we previewed Albion Online, a sandbox Interactive Sandbox game. An MMO where interactions between players such as political agreements, trade as well as PvP, at the same time, it’s aslo included the PvE, and it can completely focused on harvesting and crafts. Since Albion Online is so popularity, It’s no surprise that albion online gold for sale.


While the previous alpha test phase again brought together tens of thousands of players craving for craft and freedom, I had the opportunity to talk to the development team during this gamescom 2015 so To discuss with them the changes to come on the game. We take stock of this information.

Already limited to seasonal events (winter and summer alpha), Albion Online will launch its closed beta shortly before Christmas 2015. This new phase of testing, longer and rich in new content will be primarily accessible to players Having invested in one of the founding packs of the game. Free invitations will nevertheless be sent to some lucky ones registered on the official website.Are you expected to buy albion online silver?

Multiple adjustments will be made on certain areas in order to level down the equipment statistics of the players taking a cunning pleasure to gank the weaker players in the low and mid-level areas.

Developers will enjoy the few weeks available between this gamescom and the closed Christmas beta to floor new housing opportunities for players. The idea is to no longer limit the ownership of houses to a few areas, but to allow anyone to acquire a residence more easily in the area best suited to his ambitions of play. It will thus be possible to build a house in zone PvP for example.

In order to motivate new guilds to engage in PvP as a guild against a mass guild in the face of powerful structures already established for a long time in certain areas, siege camps will be deployed across high PvP areas level. The latter will take the form of a camp of mercenaries to recruit to come and lend us a hand in combat.

For Albion Online, it’s major to following a clear guideline and continue its development, on top of that, listening to the feedback of its community to improve the experience of its game. Regarding the game launch, and it’s said to that free-to-play on Windows, Mac , Linux, iOS and Android in the first quarter of 2016. For more Albion Online latest news, and you need to access UPAlbion.com as soon as possible.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05: How To Get Virtual Currencies By Using Easily Ways

New NBA 2K17 update with the upcoming Patch 1.05 will be released by 2K Games, regarding patch fix issues, patch is expected to fix the found glitches in the game that have been bugging everyone’s gameplay. Meanwhile, For patch 1.05, it would also remove exploitable tricks discovered by some players.


Patch 1.05 will be the fifth NBA 2K17 update for the game that will come out soon. 2K Games has not yet announced a solid release date for Patch 1.05 but it is expected to arrive any time soon this month. The NBA 2K17 update is expected to be released the same time for all platforms on the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Meanwhile, On these sites now offers cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

2K Games is looking to fix the PROAM divergence and the issue that causes the prevention of roster changes from occurring in NBA 2K17. Patch 1.05 is also anticipated to fix these issues that have been occurring frequently with NBA 2K17 players.

Aside from the PROAM divergence and inability to change rosters, 2K Games is also expected to address the free throw bugs and finisher moves in NBA 2K17. The free throw bug is commonly known to cause game-breaking bugs in NBA 2K17 that crashes the game sometimes.


According to Reddit posts by some players, 2K Games might hold off the fix for the inability to make roster changes since it would affect the save files of majority of players. It would certainly take a lot of time before a fix for this issue gets released considering the number of NBA 2K players.

For the meantime, it is better for players to stay away for MyCareer modes until 2K Games released the official Patch 1.05 for NBA 2K17. This is to avoid future conflicts with game save files so that they would not be corrupted.

Although Patch 1.05 is expected to fix the issues that NBA 2K17 has been encountering, players are still doubtful as to the effectivity of the upcoming NBA 2K17 update since the previous patches have been worsening the game’s status.

Thanks to 2K Games, the game will be fixed as soon as possible, due to glitches allow players to earn Virtual Currencies quickly. There is no doubt that it’s highly exploitable, once figured out, followed by, it would make collecting a lot of Virtual Currencies in a easier way such as buy NBA 2K17 MT online.

At present, for the forthcoming update, due to 2K Games has not yet launched official patch notes, nonetheless, they are expected to reveal them this week. For more updates on NBA 2K17, you can keep it right here on: http://www.u4nba.com,Here is more current events, latest trends and newly-released gadgets.

NBA 2K17 Patch 1.05 Details: Made Some Improvements And Brought Massive Fixes

Regarding NBA 2K17, just like any other games out there, it can also overwhelmed with various bugs as well as issues. Luckily, players are worth to glad that 2K Games is already set to release patch 1.05. On top of that, for latter, it’s designed to bring massive improvements and fixes. Even if this is a necessary update, what this mean is that those glitches that bring various cheats will be removed. Not any doubt, players all want to acquire get cheap NBA 2K17 MT.


Most reports suggest that the upcoming NBA 2K17 should arrive anytime soon, though no exact release date was mentioned. Heck, even the specifics pertaining to fixes and improvements it’ll bring are still a mystery. Nevertheless, this should introduce a major overhaul to the game.

One certain issue that NBA 2K17 fans have been complaining about is the PROAM divergence. Add to that as well is the problem that prevents any updates on the game’s roster from happening, making the gameplay experience dull and unsatisfying.

The aforementioned NBA 2K17 bugs or issues are said to be covered as soon as patch 1.05 arrives. Moreover, it’s also expected to address the ongoing issues players experience in putting free throws and finishing shots. As far as the community is concerned, these are the bugs fans are facing in the game. However, when players are facing cheap NBA 2K17 MT and they’re get excited.

As for the talks about the NBA 2K17 roster update, a Reddit post suggests that 2K Games might not give in to it right away. That, in one way or another, the studio will try to hold on as long as they can due to the possibility of MyCareer being bloated. The company believes that doing so may result to the aforementioned feature’s being damaged.

While NBA 2K17 patch 1.05 is worth having, it may have its own cons. This is most especially to players who’re fond of taking advantage with various glitches. For instance, the glitch in which they can earn up to 500k VC might be directly affected. Either that, those performance improvements glitch might also be an issue.

For this writing, in this regard, until now has not any commentary regarding on the existence of NBA 2K17 patch 1.05. According to the studio, its arrival has already get confirmed, but no specific release window has been given. For upcoming the next weeks or so, players will be able to own it. At the same time, you can also get cheap NBA 2K17 MT PC.

NBA 2K17 Guide: How To Update The Game

Have you heard about an update of NBA 2K17? According to it’s Twitter account, NBA 2K17 will release fixed bugs and issues of NBA 2K17 in its new update.

So, if you are looking for how to update NBA 2K17, here we provide you the way to do it.

How To Update NBA 2K17

  1. Navigate to the Options / Features section
  2. Select the Roaster Creator
  3. Then, in your PS4 press the ‘Triangle’ button
  4. Search by Online ID
  5. Select ‘NBA 2K17’ roster from ‘Embrace the Pace’ for PS4

Well, these are the basic steps on how to update NBA 2K17. Some of the major fixes that come along in the updates include the fixes of hang that occurred in the game and a score that wouldn’t’ update after a made basket. Likewise, the game also has fixed issues in sections like MyPark/2K Pro-AM, MyCAREER / MyCourt. The Gameplay extreme hang issue that occurs when a player attempts to grab rebound is solved with the new update.

The update was first introduced on PlayStation 4, and then to PC and Xbox One. It is said, the fixes will work in existing game mode saves.

As the official announced, the newest patch will focus on some issues of the Pro-Am feature along with roster update problems.