Paul McCartney Writing Songs for Destiny’s Reason? To Impress Grandkids

After 50-plus years in the music business and his iconic status as one of the most famous and successful pop stars in history, Paul McCartney is still trying to impress his family.

While appearing on “The Daily Show” last night, the former Beatle admitted to Jon Stewart that one of the reasons for agreeing to feature his new single “Hope for the Future” in the video game “Destiny” was to appeal to his grandchildren.

“The thing was, I had seen my grandkids mainly playing , and I’d say, ‘Give me a go.’ Then I’d get killed within the first couple of seconds,” McCartney explained. Paired with the advisement that, as Stewart pointed out, video games “are billion-dollar industries, franchises – bigger than major motion pictures,” McCartney figured this would be a win-win investment. That and he wasn’t exactly a stranger to the industry, having lent his expertise to video-game designers five years ago to help maintain the authenticity in “The Beatles: Rock Band.”

So what was the result of seeing Grandpa’s hologram in an otherworldly setting inhabited by spaceships and aliens? “I was Mr. Cool! Come on, give it up!” McCartney announced triumphantly. Destiny is available on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in addition to the current console generation. And you can easily get upgrade lv32 in the Dark Below via destiny power leveling.

“Hope for the Future” is also available in EP form on iTunes.

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The Dark Below Review: It’s All Dark

For people like myself that have been playing Destiny since the closed beta, we’ve been waiting a long time for new content. After running the Vault of Glass for the umpteenth time and doing the same bounties over and over again, I was looking forward to Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below.

Now, I’m not so sure.

Let me tell you a story. I ran the Vault of Glass tirelessly to get my alien-punching Titan his raid armor. After sifting through all the non-gameplay spaceships and the crafting materials that I couldn’t even use until after I got my new armor, I found them. The armor set used to belong to someone named “Kabr.” He seems like an important guy. Maybe I would even know who he is if all of Destiny’s lore wasn’t buried in the Grimoire Card section of

I weathered the jealous comments of my raid group and then began to level up my fancy new armor. I was on top of the world (Venus) and was similarly excited to finally reach level 30. For the uninitiated, the only way to do that in vanilla Destiny is to get the raid gear from the Vault Of Glass.

That is, until The Dark Below came out. Now, you can buy gear directly from the vendors that will raise your light level past 30. Joke’s on me, right?

It’s true that you need a special item to make the purchase, something called a Vanguard Commendation. This is just one of the dozen or so currencies floating around Destiny now, something that was never explained in-game. Buying the new armor isn’t an instant upgrade to level 31, though. Even if you take that route, prepare for hours and hours of grinding without any of the satisfaction of facing the Vault Of Glass.

Let’s move on, though. There’s much more to talk about, like the overhauled exotic weapons. By their very nature, exotic weapons from vanilla Destiny (it’s so weird that I have to say that now) are less powerful than their Dark Below counterparts. The level cap was 30 in vanilla, while the cap is 32 in The Dark Below. Naturally, exotics from the higher-level expansion content will be stronger. This means vanilla exotics are, essentially, obsolete.

Or, they would be obsolete, save for an equally obtuse new exotic “exchange” system. If you’re stuck with a vanilla exotic, visit your favorite tentacle-faced friend Xur and turn it in for a new version of the same weapon with higher attack and re-rolled upgrades. This costs a ridiculous amount of Glimmer (the game’s least valuable currency until now) and resets the upgrade tree. I hope you’re free this weekend, because that’s the only time Xur’s around. Oh, you aren’t? Tough luck.

Furthermore, the three new story missions are nothing special. Their design is almost exactly the same as vanilla, where you follow a white marker through the map and shoot everything that moves. Dinklebot will tell you what macguffin to press square next to, and then you shoot more bad guys. I was happy to see a seemingly abandoned plot thread come back in the second mission, but it was forgotten as quickly as it reappeared. The last mission manages to approach epic, though, with a gigantic boss and some genuinely cool art design. Despite the new content sprinkled about, the three story missions and the two new Strikes mostly just recycle old environments and feel the same as all the previous content.

The story’s strongest point is Eris Morn, the new vendor and quest giver in The Tower. She is the first character in Destiny that speaks in-game about her past, her regrets. She has nuance, and a decent voice performance to boot. Amazing, right? Her voice replaces Peter Dinklage’s as mission narrator, and it’s a welcome change. Listening to her recall a memory from her doomed raiding party while I sped over the white wastes of our Moon was haunting. For once, the narrative is grounded in some semblance of character and not floating around in ponderous, clunky dialogue about the Light and Darkness.

Eris brings more than just story missions to the tower, too. She has special bounties relating to The Hive and is the faction representative of Crota’s Bane. Grind rep with her, and you’ll have access to new emblems, class items, and upgrade materials. She’s a nice little distraction from the other factions, and you can get some pretty cool stuff from her. Therein lies another flaw: you get great gear from these missions, completely circumventing the RNG that dictates all other drops. Pay $20, get good gear. See how this cheapens the experience?

DESTINY3 The Dark Below Review: Its All Dark

Like I mentioned before, The Dark Below also ships with two new Strikes for Playstation 4 users like myself. One is set in a few “new” locations in the Cosmodrome on Earth. Anyone that’s been playing will be very familiar with the first three-quarters of the strike, as only the final boss fight occurs in a new location.

Likewise, the exclusive Sony Strike takes place in the Black Garden, and is almost the exact same gameplay path as the final story mission in vanilla. The only twist is that you start from the end and work your way back towards the “front” of the area. It’s essentially a mirror mode track in Mario Kart. The final boss is fun, though, and like most of Destiny’s best fights, it takes place in an open area with cover and elevated positions. It emphasizes mobility and teamwork instead of cheesy tactics.

If we’re going to talk gameplay, we might as well talk about the raid– Crota’s End. I won’t spoil anything, but like the Vault Of Glass, it’s the superior Destiny experience at the moment. The creativity that was omitted from the story missions can be found in Crota’s End. The new gameplay mechanics run with the concepts of darkness and ritual and it all starts with a plunge into the gaping maw of The Hellmouth. The Hive also have the most aggressive melee enemy– Thralls– and they rush you in huge, shrieking packs. The Vex in the Vault Of Glass do not have any such units, and thus the dynamic between the two raids is fundamentally different. It’s intense, it’s thrilling, and just like the best content in Destiny, it’s locked behind hours of grinding– even if you buy the armor that can elevate you to level 30.

What The Dark Below showed me, more than anything, is that Destiny is a slave to its genre. Beyond the hype, beyond the live-action trailers and stunt casting, Destiny is an MMO. We’ll scramble to gobble up all the content in The Dark Below to become level 32. Then, he House Of Wolves expansion will drop and the scramble will start all over again. I have a hard time feeling like I’ve made any sort of substantial progress this past week because I know that there will always be another expansion, another game on the horizon to make render my efforts meaningless.

In the end, The Dark Below gives Destiny players exactly what they want: more content. What this means, of course, is more grinding. Prepare to run the same bounties and shoot the same aliens in mostly the exact same places to get the cool new weapons and armor. For anyone still looking for compelling characters, storytelling, or substance, wait for Destiny 2. Or go play Dragon Age: Inquisition.

During my first time retreading the Black Garden for the new Strike, I caught myself gazing out over what Bungie has created. I was captivated by the sheer scope of it all– mountains rose in the distance, impossibly tall. Beneath me, trenches ran through flowered fields, all leading up to a mesa showered in the blue-green-gold of a distant nebula. It’s a beautiful world. A world that once filled me with excitement to discover the mysteries of far-off places, not grind bounties so I can level up my armor and chase the next carrot. If you want to level up faster, you can buy destiny power leveving1111111111 The Dark Below Review: Its All Dark.

Yes, a beautiful world indeed. A beautiful, empty world.

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What Can We Expect from Destiny 2

what can we expect from Destiny 2? A sequel to Destiny is already in development.  Well, for starters, the ability to carry over character progression.The Community Managar Deej from Bungie sat down with IGN to ask him questions about the future and current state of Destiny. Bungie hasn’t revealed any specific details about Destiny 2. What year will it release? What consoles will it release on? Which new planets do we get to explore?

Check out the full interview with the Community Manager Deej from Bungie:

Deej did reveal that your character progression can carry over from Destiny to the sequel.

“The idea is that the guardian you created is something you can bring along during your adventure in Destiny 2. If you take a look at the way people have played other games for a long period of time, they’ve had a relationship with the same character for a very long time.”

Watch the video below by MoreConsole to find out more:

We can’t wait to see what they have planned for the future. What do you think Bungie has planned for Destiny 2?

To know more:

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destiny: Attention Game Farm-Winning Guide

Since the release of the new version of the fate, various concerns bursting, repeatedly broken sales records, today we’ll show you a game, game guide, help them with their games.

For more news and guide on Destiny’s Dark Below:

DESTINT2 destiny: Attention Game Farm Winning Guide

Before you decide to go farming Vanguard reputation make sure you’re not wearing a factions reputation item – (cape, bond or skirt), as it prevents you from earning vanguard reputation.

Completing Nightfall Strike is one of the best and fastest way to grind Vanguard reputation and commendations. Completing the strike rewards you with 500 reputation and 20% boost to all reputation exp gains for the week.
With additional boost do weekly strike at the highest level possible, and get approximately 500 reputation.
Completing Tiger strikes gives you about 32 rep per completion
The only time when you should grind VIP patrol mission (the ones with the star inside) for rep is when you are getting close to leveling up, or while farming resources.

If you decide to farm VIP patrols start Patrol: Cosmodrome. There are 3 different locations that you should visit.
As soon as you land on Earth in patrol mode you’ll be in Steppes. There are 3 different patrols in this area, so open up your nav menu and look for VIP patrols.
If you have no luck, and VIP patrols don’t appear head to Divide
If no VIP Patrols appear in Divide head to Rocketyard
Return to Orbit and do it again
If you have friends, you can split up and cover different regions each. Everybody in the fireteam gets credit for each patrol, and you don’t have to move areas. A well organized group can earn up to 600 rep pre hour.

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The Destiny Is The Best For 2014 Games

Destiny is not a perfect game. Its plot is vague, partly the result of a grand ambition to have a narrative that evolves over the next ten years, throughout the course of an entire console generation (and partly because, yeah, Bungie messed up). There are bugs, although most have been squashed by post-release patches. Some of the systems are poorly explained, perhaps the result of Bungie’s desire to keep players learning and discovering. And right now, there are only four environments, which has led many to dismiss the game as ‘limited and boring’. Yet, in spite of all these perceived faults, Destiny stands head-and-shoulders above any other game in 2014.

Want to quickly upgrade? No problem, come to us Buy Destiny Power Leveling

I’ll tell you why I think this in a minute but first, here’s a number: 1064. That’s the total hours the GamesRadar editorial team spent playing Destiny, before The Dark Below expansion released. That’s a lot of play time for a relatively small staff. Some played for 100+ hours, and a guilty couple admit to 200+ hours. There are only a handful of games ever released that have hoovered up so much of our time as a team. And while this piece is about why I personally love Destiny, I know my sentiments are shared by many other people at GamesRadar because… well, 1064 hours!

DESTINY1 The Destiny Is The Best For 2014 Games

Sure, time spent inside a game isn’t necessarily a measure of quality. I know so many people who have sunk hundreds of hours into Farmville and Candy Crush, and these are hardly GOTY contenders. In Destiny, the vast amount of time spent in-game doesn’t stem from resources grinding, or cynically addicting systems, as the nay-sayers would have you believe. It comes from collaboration, communication, and community. I’ve spoken to so many people within Destiny, and they all give different reasons why they’re so committed (besides just enjoying the game). They play to keep up with friends, they play because it fits their daily routine in between putting children to bed and slumping unconscious on the sofa, they play as clans to meet new people, they even play for therapy. And damn it, the community can be a truly amazing, truly generous bunch of people.

DESTINT2 The Destiny Is The Best For 2014 Games

This social aspect elevates Destiny far beyond ‘just another shooter’. Combined with that sweet feedback loop that comes with playing the game to snag better gear and delve deeper into the game’s refined levelling system, it’s the reason why myself – and so many of my PSN friends – play for hundreds of hours. Indeed, gameplay elements like this are exactly what made legendary MMOs like World of Warcraft huge, and now Bungie has helped to open up this persistent, hyper-replayable, sociable experience to the console audience by wrapping it up in a game that’s accessible, yet great fun to play. It’s incredibly bold and forward-thinking.

DESTINY3 The Destiny Is The Best For 2014 Games

And Destiny is an exceptional shooter. From level one to level 30 (and beyond), the action is wonderfully balanced, and a joy to play. The weapons each have a unique feel, and require different skill sets to master, while the abilities of each class combine with your loadout to make each character feel subtly unique. Being a Titan with a Pulse rifle is surprisingly different to being a Warlock with a Hand Cannon. What’s more, sub-classes strike a fine balance between offensive and defensive play, while superbly complimenting the abilities found in other classes. In other words, everything’s built on a bedrock of player cooperation and awesome shooting.


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“Destiny” Expansion Into The Discontent Caused By The Player

Members “destiny” of the players, if you have not bought “dark abyss” DLC, then this week’s regular weekly tasks include night mission and you must say goodbye. Bungie decided to just let the players who purchased a new DLC will be this week’s regular weekly tasks, currently we are not sure whether this is just the first week of the case, or there will be such a problem later.

Source from:

Destiny The Dark below 1 Destiny Expansion Into The Discontent Caused By The Player

The following is if you do not want to make the purchase of new DLC game week mission often give you tips.

Currently, the week is often only a week for the players to output stable strange coins task, then do not buy the DLC for the players who did so unfair. Although because of “destiny” to set the mechanism of regular weekly tasks, such a problem is because the week this week is often chosen task DLC mission leads to some players can not be, after weeks of often turn an ordinary task if so then everything will back to normal. But even so, because there is no money would not be part of the week is often still very annoying. And currently on the Bungie forums have been pan fried to denounce the behavior of developers emotionally players are angry, currently Bungie has not yet made any response on the matter, we will have a message for the first time we update reports.

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Destiny :Unlock New Weekly Heroic

“Destiny,” released a new version, you want to learn more about the new version of information? Follow us instantly.

1111111111 Destiny :Unlock New Weekly Heroic

Want to quickly upgrade? No problem, come to us Buy Destiny Power Leveling.

How to Unlock the New Weekly Heroic?

Try following these steps, as they’ve worked for a few other players who have followed them:

1.First, go to the Tower and grab the initial quest piece from Eris.

2.Complete the three story quests and pick up the “Kill 25 Knights or Wizards” bounty.

3.Repeat the second DLC quest on Earth two to three times to finish it.

4.Grab the three new Patrol quests that Eris will produce.

5.Go to Earth and select ‘Patrol.’

6.Your first stop is to the right of your initial spawn. Go through the facility and past The Divide, then burn past the Rocket Yard. Act like you’re going into the Sepiks Prime strike. On your left after the first tunnel past the yard’ll find a specially marked Hive enemy.

8.Kill it and the subsequent spawns to get your first bounty.

9.Next, reload the Earth Patrol to start from the beginning.

10.Go straight ahead to the complex that was in the beta where you kill a Wizard for the first time; just go due north and up the hill into the complex. Right before the stairs to said Wizard room you’ll find a marked Thrall in the corner.

11.Kill it and the rest of the room for the second bounty. Do not reload, continue on through that area.
Finally, keep heading up that building and past the Wizard room. Go into the area with the original loot cave. Head into the big building due north (right next to the cave), and run until you get to the big open area of the Terrestrial Complex.

12.Go straight ahead into that tiny landing, steal the urn, and kill the enemies that appear.
It’s a long process, we know. If you’re wanting to unlock some of the new content before Xur visits, then you’ll want to go ahead and give them a try.

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TOTY Comprehensive FAQ Guide – Team of the Year of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

1417661936 fifa%20toty TOTY Comprehensive FAQ Guide – Team of the Year of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team

Do you want to know something about the Team of the Year of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team ? We will help you with this TOTY guide.

FIFA 15 TOTY Comprehensive FAQS
Q: What TOTY means?
A: TOTY means “Team of the Year”.

Q: What is a TOTY ?
A: A TOTY is a team that gathers the players who played better on the whole year. A TOTY card is an In Form card.

Q: How many TOTY exist ?
A: For each FIFA Ultimate Team, there is only one TOTY.

Q: TOTY and TOTS are the same thing ?
A: No. The TOTY gathers the players who played better during the calendar year according to the FIFPro. The TOTS gathers the players who played better the whole season according to EA.

Q: How TOTY cards are ?
A: The TOTY cards are blue, no matter the player level is. It has improved rating and improved attributes. In the image below you can see how a TOTY card looks like.

Q: How the Team of the Year of FIFA 15 Ultimate Team is chosen ?
A: TOTY players are not chosen by EA Sports. They are chosen by the votes of thousands of professional players members of FIFPro, the worldwide representative organization for all professional football players.

Q: How much increases the rating and the attributes of a player on a TOTY card ?
A: There is no rule about it but usually the rating increases 5 to 8 points. The attributes have a similar increase but it doesn’t mean that all attributes have to be improved.

Q: How many cards are on a TOTY ?
A: 11. One goalkeeper, four defenders, three midfielders and three forwards.

Q: How can you get one of those cards ?
A: As usually, you can buy them on transfer market or you can get them on a pack. These cards are only available on packs by specific periods.

Q: Do I need to buy any special pack to have the chance of getting a TOTY cards ?
A: No. You can get a TOTY card in any gold packs with rare cards.

Q: When the TOTY is released ?
A: Monday night, January 13th, 2013 at the Ballon D’Or ceremony at Zurich’s Kongresshaus.

Q: When the first TOTY cards are released ?
A: Just after the FIFA World XI is made official, at 8pm (UK time).

Q: When these cards are released in packs ?
A: For each position there are specific dates :
Goalkeepers and Defenders – January 13th 8pm to January 15th 6pm;
Midfielders – January 15th 6pm to January 17th 6pm;
Forwards – January 17th 6pm to January 18th 6pm;

Q: The TOTY cards will not be released all together in packs ?
A: Probably. On the weekend January 25-26th or in January 18-19th.

Q: The TOTY cards are expensive ?
A: Yes. A lot. Several cards cost more than 1 million coins. They are the most expensive cards of the game.

Q: There will be happy hours and special packs as the popular 100k pack during the TOTY release ?
A: Probably yes.

Q: What happens to the market with the TOTY release ?
A: No one can be sure. It may crashes. In an attempt to get one of these millionaire cards, the players tend to sell almost everything, in order to get coins to invest in packs. The natural effect of this behaviour is to drop the cards’ prices. We think that the greatest drops will be only during the 100k packs and on the weekends (forwards and all team).

Q: When should I sell my players ?
A: We think that the best thing to do is to sell them before the new year.

- Source from:

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Destiny “Little Twists And Turns”

Destiny recently run into some minor trouble, According to complaints on Reddit. Some Destiny players are finding themselves locked out of their game after purchasing downloadable content The Dark Below.

According to several players, the entire game is blocked off post-purchase on PlayStation 4 by a countdown timer ticking off to the DLC’s release. User RamiBlack uploaded the following image of the timer.

1 Destiny Little Twists And Turns

Destiny timer

Other users suggest that the problem may only be present for those with digital copies of the game. Some users have been able to correct this problem by uninstalling Destiny, downloading and reinstalling the game.

We’ve reached out to Bungie and Sony will update accordingly.

PlayStation 3 and PS4 Destiny players are expected to receive exclusive, extra content with The Dark Below, including an extra strike mission.


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You Want To Know Destiny The Latest Game Guides

018dc452c9af8974f2836b4ab8b12935 You Want To Know Destiny The Latest Game Guides

We bring fresh destiny Game Guide. First, here’s a quick explainer about the game’s level caps. Destiny technically maxes out character levels at 20. But you can still make your character more powerful by increasing their Light. Rare, legendary and exotic armor all have Light. Wear enough of it and it increases your character’s Light level. For instance, the game requires 20 points of Light for level 21, and 32 Light to hit level 22. The Light level cap in Destiny is currently 30, which requires 120 Light. The Dark Below will raise that limit to 32. Level 30 also happens to be the level required to lead a fireteam in the expansion’s new raid. However, lower-level players can tag along in the squad.

52aff0afc6ded1ebadc6a87fb75f8b8a You Want To Know Destiny The Latest Game Guides


Destiny’s opening, and its slow progression through basic gameplay elements and modes, will usually take your character to level three or four. There’s nothing you can do to skip this, so just try to get through it as fast as possible.

Opening the planets

Once you hit level five, you’ll immediately want to grab bounties from Xander 99-40 in the Tower. Make sure you choose wisely, because you can only hold a total of 10 at a time. Vanguard bounties are the best to grab early on, because you can accomplish many of them as you work you way through story missions and continue to unlock the planets. If you really don’t want to go through some of those early story missions again, you can always focus on Crucible mode (player-versus-player) bounties. But that route will likely take you a lot longer to level up.

In his excellent leveling guide, Redditor GotProof suggests you always play story missions on the hard difficulty. That said, you won’t want to overreach on those difficulty modes. Not only does it make it much harder to beat a mission that’s ranked above you, it tends to slow your progress to a crawl as you try to survive your decision.

Maxing your character

You’ll likely be in the teens with your character by the time you’ve unlocked all of the planets with story missions (Mars is the last one). Once you’ve done that, you’ll want to shift completely to bounties. The drawback with this method is that while it’s faster, you won’t receive the end-game special weapon.

GotProof points out the website, which keeps track of public events you can drop into for maximum experience. Public events are basically global multiplayer cooperative missions that have players taking on a single objective. Those objectives include things like destroying a fallen walker, defending a piece of a satellite and killing a specific enemy target. They usually offer big rewards depending on how quickly they are achieved.

In another leveling guide, Redditor si5yphus writes that playing Crucible matches makes sense once you hit level 18.

Moving beyond the max

Once you’ve maxed out your character at level 20, your focus changes from bounties to hunting for better armor. You can get random armor through drops from enemies, or purchase armor.

To be able to buy the good stuff, you’ll need to earn a Vanguard rank of at least 2, which requires 2,000 reputation earned through Vanguard bounties, patrol missions, strikes and strike playlists. Once you’ve hit Vanguard rank 2, you can purchase armor from your personal Vanguard, the person who gave you free armor at the start of the game. You buy armor from your Vanguard using Vanguard marks, which are earned by completing strikes and public events.

GotProof notes that all Vanguard armor, except the helmet, costs 65 marks. A helmet is 120 marks.

The final push

Once you hit level 25, your character will be able to take on level 28 challenges … and die. So what you’re going to want to do is team up with a group of more powerful friends so they can shepherd you through these difficult missions.

To hit level 28 you need to use ascendant materials to upgrade your gear of legendary (purple) rarity. There are two types of these: energy and shards. Energy upgrades weapons and shards upgrade armor. You can get this material through public events, daily story missions, in loot chests and by dismantling legendary armor. If you’re lucky you might also get shards from legendary engrams.

The Vault of Glass raid runs in difficulty from level 26 to level 30. Finishing this raid delivers powerful loot once a week. It’s also a great way to reach level 29.

Level 29, Redditor hazCode writes, is where most people get stuck. Making it to level 30 requires a character to have four fully upgraded pieces of raid armor (legendary), or three pieces of raid armor and one exotic piece. To get that armor, hazCode suggests raiding, raiding, raiding, and also points out that players can transfer gear between characters. In other words, fill up those slots with two other characters of the same class and make it to a high enough level to enter the raid — that will triple your chance to earn rewards from the Vault of Glass. Hand over the good stuff to your “real” character, and you’ll ding level 30 just in time to have two more levels to pursue in The Dark Below.

Want better integrate into the game? You can choose Buy Destiny Power Leveling.


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