9 Ways Make You Grasp Blade & Soul

Blade & Soul is come from Korean, it is more and more popular. And the Western market is fall in love with it. It is not a simple game, but also a Wuxia art. Blade & Soul can give you some experiences,just like happy,comfortable and so on.In addition, Blade & Soul is a game that you can play it just freely.

While the mechanics of Blade & Soul are easy to grasp, it does have a few unique features that are either not very well explained, or are not obvious within the first few minutes of play. Here are a few tips that will help the average player get off to the best start within the game.

As we all know, Blade & Soul have some easy rules, but it lacks some good explanation,or if you play the time too little, you could not find this game some features. There are some skills, they will help you become a real Blade & Soul

As a smart people,you can find what is good or bad. Blade & Soul’s rules is great. the bread-and-butter of most RPGs is the constant acquisition of new weaponry and equipment, Blade & Soul instead offers a rich crafting and upgrade system that allows you to upgrade your starting weapon enough to last you well into the game. This is a kind of magical experience.
Blade & Soul No.1

In lieu of physical armor, characters have something called a “soul shield,” which is an eight-piece disc you can find in your inventory menu. The soul shield provides all the protection and bonuses traditionally associated with armor, and having all eight pieces in a set can provide even greater protection. You also have the option of having an alternate shield to which you can switch, providing you greater versatility.

Fashion Can Kill

I said outfits are entirely cosmetic, and they are with regards to stats and defense. However, as an addendum to that, there are some outfits that can get you some particularly unwanted attention. Some outfits are basically open season calls that give other players carte blanche to attack you.

Blade & Soul No.2

In the starting village, you will encounter the Crimson and Cerulean factions, and you’re told you can only join one, while the other can attack you. That is straightforward enough, but they are not the only factions that offer such outfits, and it may not always be obvious which outfits will open you to attacks by which other faction. So if you don’t want to be attacked by other players, watch what you wear.

Spin to Win

One of the advantages of logging into Blade & Soul every day is that you can use up all of your free opportunities to spin the Daily Dash wheel. When you do, you get a number, which is the number of spaces you can move on the game board. There is a prize every few spaces, and your character will obtain it when they land or pass over it.

Blade & Soul No.3

fter the tutorial, you will be given a Hongmoon weapon based on your class, and you will likely never need to use any other weapon, so do not sell it. Instead, you use any similar weapons you find randomly or obtain as prizes as “offerings” to upgrade this starting weapon. If you kill an early boss often enough, you will find that you have a maxed-out weapon before you reach level 10.

Use a Complete Soul Shield

Here’s a little tip within a tip: Clothes in Blade & Soul are entirely cosmetic. There is no benefit to wearing any outfit (though sometimes wearing one is a disadvantage; see below) so pick whatever you think looks best (or silliest) on them.2

Blade & Soul No.4

While the prizes tend to not be too impressive, the ones available at the very start of the board are things the average player is likely to need, such as repair tools or keys. Logging in and doing your daily spin will allow you to hoard some supplies for your character and maybe have a chance for something rarer the further along the board you get.

Don’t Waste Keys and Unsealing Charms

At the beginning of the game, you are given complimentary keys and unsealing charms, to allow you to use decent weaponry and soul shields at your earliest convenience. Each key and charm can only be used a specific number of times. They are also very expensive.3

Blade & Soul No.5

It is in your best interest to save these for later. After you obtain your first soul-shield and have maxed out your first weapons, both of which will likely occur very early in the game, do not bother unsealing any obtained weapons or unlocking any chests. For any unwanted items, you can always…

Salvage, Salvage, Salvage

When you first get unwanted weapons and soul shield pieces, you might be tempted to sell them on the spot. However, given that every item within the first few locations nets one copper apiece, it can be incredibly time-consuming. So instead, click on the item and choose the little icon that allows you to salvage it.

Blade & Soul No.6

Salvaging weapons, soul shields, and accessories gives you the chance to get the transmutation powders. You can use these in the Transmute screen to create valuable items, such as pouches and chests which will give you random items. Also, the junk pieces that you get from salvaging are worth more in the shop than the weapons themselves, so the player benefits either way.

Channel Hopping

Blade & Soul uses “channels” within its servers which help prevent over-crowding. Whenever you find yourself within a specific area and there are too many people around, you can click a button which will take you to a different channel within the server.3

Blade & Soul No.7

Achievements in this game give you stat bonuses that can help players, especially ones in the early stages of the game. Check the list and see which ones you can get quickly. Though keep in mind that these stats will be nullified in the PvP arena.

Trading at Level 15

If it seems as though you’re having lots of trouble obtaining an item you want early in the game, then focus on levelling up instead. When you reach Level 15, you can get into to the Auction House, where all other players can buy and sell items.

Blade & Soul No.8

The Auction House can be accessed anywhere in the game and may be a source of potential equipment and even in-game revenue, depending on how many rare items you can obtain. If you find yourself stuck in rut with regards to your items in the early game, level up to 15 quickly to gain access. Though keep in mind you will have to pay a fee to obtain an ordered item if you are not actually at a vendor, so going to one can save you some money.

Blade & Soul No.9

The primary way this is useful is when you want to take on bosses. Since the farmable bosses respawn in the same spots every few minutes, many players tend to cluster around them to get a chance to kill them, or at the very least land a few hits. If you find that you’re at a spawn point and there are too many players clustered around, try switching channels in order to find one less populated.

Go for Achievements

In Blade & Soul, there is an extensive list of achievements. Some can be gotten for something as simple as taking a screenshot. Some can only be gotten in the endgame. However, they are all worth getting.

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How to earn FIFA 16 coins early

FIFA Coins are the main currency in Ultimate Team. You can earn FIFA coins from selling cards or playing matches. Depending on the difficulty of the match (offline) or how far advanced you are in divisions and tournaments, the rewards can vary significantly. Coins can be docked for offsides, fouls, cards and more.

Knowing how to use the transfer market not only to buy cards on the cheap, but also sell your players for either a small loss or tidy profit, will help maintain a decent coin purse. Also, using the EA Sports Club Catalogue will help give earnings boosts to fill it up more quickly.

“[Use] the Football Club Catalogue, some of the earlier seasons you can kind of get some reasonable rewards.” Shaikh says. “A lot of that comes down to the skill of the player. Online events tend to give much more rewards but they tend to be much more difficult as well. A couple of the tournaments, depending on what skill level you can play at, can be quite rewarding as well.”


“Just dabbling in the transfer market is a good way of building up a coin purse so even just getting yourself a couple of players, understanding an almost a narrow portion of the transfer market [will help]. If you look and say ‘well I’m constantly building La Liga teams, well maybe I need to understand the prices of La Liga players under 5,000 [coins]’, then I can pick some up, play a few games with them, and then maybe make a bit of coin profit on them as well. And I think you can obviously be doing that at the same time as playing matches.”

FIFA 16 includes a new mode called FIFA Draft, where players can pay 15,000 coins to enter and build a dream team of stars to take on either AI or other players in a knockout tournament of up to four games. The minimum reward you earn will match the value of the entry fee, in the form of packs, players or coins, but the higher the win streak, the greater the reward. This could be an early means of building up coins and reinvesting them in other ways and turning a profit. So if you’re confident, perhaps this new mode is a place to earn some quick cash.

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Best selling video game in UK

It’s fourth week in a row for EA’s action gaming title ‘Battlefield Hardline’ as the No. 1 title in the UK gaming charts. FIFA 15 ranks second in the chart, which is my favorite video game and cost most of my money to buy fifa world coins every week.

Even with a 56 per cent fall in week-on-week sales, the shooter continued to hold its position at the top of the charts.

FIFA 15 climbed two places to second position, followed by GTA 5 which came in at No.3 owing to a sales drop of 39 per cent. Far Cry 4 climbed up one place to No.4 as does Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare at No.5. Meanwhile, Bloodborne fall three places to No.6.

Best selling video game in UK

Forza Horizon 2 climbed up to No.7 all thanks to strong sales of Xbox One hardware bundles, Borderlands: The Handsome Collection slipped one place to No.8.

Rounding off the top ten were Halo: The Master Chief Collection and Minecraft: Xbox Edition at No. 9 and No. 10 positions respectively.

Here’s the top 20 UKIE Games Chart, compiled by GfK Chart-Track, for the week ending April 11, 2015-

2. FIFA 15
4. FAR CRY 4
12. WWE 2K15
18. RIDE
19. THE ORDER: 1886

Do you want to kick someone in the face on FIFA 15

Do you want to kick someone in the face on FIFA 15

This funny clip from one of the FIFA games was posted by the guys at The SPORT Bible. A player use Luis Suarez to kick someone in the face and wins penalty, you can buy Luis Suarez with your fifa world coins and have a try.

In it, Luis Suarez, still at Liverpool, kicks Everton’s Phil Jagielka full in the face.

Ouch—but in pixelated form, it’s funny too.

Funnier still is the fact that Liverpool earned a penalty in the incident.

Judging by the kits and the advertising boards, it is clear the clip is from FIFA 14, so let’s hope EA Sports fixed the bug for FIFA 15.

Jill Ellis has named the 23 players for 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

CHICAGO, Runme (April 14, 2015) – With 55 days until the USA’s opening match of the 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup, U.S. Women’s National Team head coach Jill Ellis has named the 23 players who will represent the United States on women’s soccer’s grandest stage, visit Runeme.com for more women football news.

U.S. captain Christie Rampone has been named to her fifth Women’s World Cup roster, tying Kristine Lilly for most World Cups for an American player, man or woman. Midfielder Shannon Boxx and forward Abby Wambach will be playing in their fourth World Cups while Carli Lloyd, Hope Solo and Heather O’Reilly make their third Women’s World Cup roster. Ellis named eight players who will be participating for the first time and nine who will be participating for the second time.

Jill Ellis has named the 23 players for 2015 FIFA Women’s World Cup

The roster, which features three goalkeepers, eight defenders, seven midfielders and five forwards, is the product of nearly 11 months of player evaluation since Ellis was named head coach in May of 2014. During that time, she has been on the bench for 23 international matches (including two as interim coach before being officially named head coach) and has seen 34 players in training camps, 29 in international matches and many more in NWSL matches. Ellis selected 14 players who were part of the 2012 Olympic gold medal-winning team in London.

“The players selected have the confidence, experience and desire to help us win a world championship,” said Ellis. “We had an excellent group to pick from and at the end of the last camp, I complemented all the players on how much they pushed each other and competed to make this selection challenging.”

The Women’s World Cup roster will make up the squad for the USA’s final three matches before departing for Canada. The three-match Send-Off Series takes place in May and will start when USA faces the Republic of Ireland on Sunday, May 10, at 11:30 a.m. PT at Avaya Stadium in San Jose, California, the new home of Major League Soccer’s San Jose Earthquakes. From there, the USA will travel down the coast for its second Send-Off Series match, facing Mexico on Sunday, May 17, at 6 p.m. PT at StubHub Center in Carson, California. Both California matches will be broadcast on FOX Sports 1.

Match vs. Mexico: Earthquakes Forward Chris Wondolowski is the main force

SAN JOSE, Calif, Runme – San Jose Earthquakes forward Chris Wondolowski was among 22 players called to United States Men’s National Team by head coach Jurgen Klinsmann for the match against Mexico on Wednesday, April 15 at the Alamodome in San Antonio, Texas, visit Runeme.com for more football news.

The match kicks off at 5:30 p.m. PT live on FOX Sports 1, UniMas and Univision Deportes Network.

Wondolowski has made two appearances this year for the United States and now has 27 career caps and nine career goals for his country. He appeared in a 3-2 loss to Chile on Jan. 28 and a 2-0 win against Panama on Feb. 8.

Match vs. Mexico: Earthquakes Forward Chris Wondolowski is the main force

With the game occurring outside of an official FIFA international fixture date, the U.S. roster is mostly comprised of players that compete with North America-based clubs. Fourteen players play their trade in MLS, while league rival Liga MX contributes five to the group.

The U.S. contingent, which continues preparations for the 2015 CONCACAF Gold Cup, includes nine players from the 2014 FIFA World Cup roster.

Klinsmann’s side has not lost to their archrivals since he took the helm in the summer of 2011, going 2-0-3 in that span. The results including the USA’s first victory against Mexico at Estadio Azteca, and the 0-0 draw away in qualifying for the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The 40th birthday of Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler

FIFA 15 News – To celebrate the 40th birthday of Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler, EA Sports announced Fowler’s personally selected FIFA 15 Ultimate Team Legends squad yesterday, more FIFA 15 Guides and News on Runeme.com.

Following current Liverpool manager Brendan Rodgers’ tactics, Fowler opts for three at the back with wing-backs on either flank.

Interestingly, ‘God’ (as Liverpool fans refer to him) decided to pick Manchester United legend Peter Schmeichel to play in between the sticks.

The 40th birthday of Liverpool legend Robbie Fowler

With Fowler himself being the only Englishman to make the XI, the striker revealed that Gary Neville was the only compatriot who came close to making the cut – but even then, De Boer pipped him to it.

There isn’t even any room for his old mate Steven Gerrard as Patrick Viera, Lothar Matthaus and Luis Figo are selected to run the midfield.

Who partners Robbie up front, then? Ian Rush? Kenny Dalglish? Nope, it’s Marco Van Basten, a player Fowler himself admits “has a bit of man crush on”.